Birthdays WoWphiles turned 3 on September 25th Gkick tuned 2 on October 11th Legendary turned 2 on October 15th Call to Auction tuned 3 on October 29th PST turned 2 on October 29t[...]
This week on Grand Old Podcast Roger not scared off by his History of Warcraft Podcasting interview is back to review Pearl of Pandaria . But Roger didn't come alone, oh no, he br[...]
This week I welcome on the show The Big Game Over the 5 WoW Things Podcast. Thank everyone that listens each week.   73's   Links BGO's Twitter 5 WoW Things [...]
This weeks episode History of Warcraft Podcast interview takes of back with man that hasn't just podcasted about World of Warcraft also Star Wars Galaxies, and Star Wars the Old R[...]
This week I have the great pleasure of having Octale station Owner of Versus the World Productions , and as well as host of shows such as Octale and Hordak vs The World , Show X ,[...]
This is the week everything went sideways. The original plan was to do podcast review for the month of September with Rho however I'm moron and recorded all of my audio with my we[...]
This week I'm joined by Mike, Apsana, and Rewt. We summarize and review the novel Jaina Proudmoore: Tides of War by Christie Golden in great detail. We have balling talking about [...]
This week we go back to the year 2007 and bring back the host of one of the early girl focused Warcraft Podcasts, Leala Turkey of Epic Dolls. During the interview we talk about wh[...]
This week its my pleasure to welcome Cold of Colds Gold Factory, Auction House Junkies, and The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast. This is a journey down memory lane talking about the go[...]
This week it is my great pleasure to welcome Brain Hough of Raid Warning, The Other Guys, The Creep, and Galactic Public Radio to the show.   This is the eighth interview in the H[...]