We are joined by guests BGO and Jan. We discuss Borderlands 2, Mists of Pandaria and other random things. We also play a game of "Name Your Price" Enjoy Email: Geekslappodcast@gma[...]
In this professional edition of The Mana Cooler, I talk about my first week in Mists Thx, George [...]
In this focused episode of The Mana Cooler, I try to prioritize tasks as Mists Rapidly approaches... Thanks, George [...]
In this otherworldly episode of The Mana Cooler, I talk about some of the new things in the latest Mists beta patch as well as current AH news. Thanks, George [...]
In this barren episode of The Mana Cooler, I try to take advantage of Diablo 3 and stalk some Rares, also some Mists AH stockpile theories. Thanks, George [...]
In this retro episode of the Mana Cooler, I get lucky with scarlet tabard farming and try to find a Mists gold tip. Thanks, George [...]
In this powerful episode I talk about what they need to add into the game BEFORE Mists comes out. Thanks, George [...]
I’m starting to view the paid-for period of an MMO’s life as the pre-pubescent stage: the inevitability of growth into F2P is starting to look like it’s in the DNA. Both Everquest[...]