Originally posted by GeorgZoeller ( Source ) A few other notes that escaped the initial post: Augments stay at their current effective level (49) and we are not planning to add a [...]
Star Wars ™: The Old Republic™ Game Update 1.2 PTS Patch Notes These notes detail changes made to the PTS server on 3/29/2012. These changes ONLY apply to the PTS server. Classes [...]
1.1.5d Patch Notes 3/23/2012 General Implemented changes to improve overall server stability. PvP Voidstar Players will no longer be able to exit the starting area earlier than in[...]
Since SWTOR has been out for a few months now and we’re weeks? days? moments? away from patch 1.2 which should bring some major game updates, let’s take a moment to discuss which [...]
The guys at Toroz.com.au had a chance to interview Gabe Amatangelo about PVP and some of the upcoming additions in 1.2. Here are the highlights: Gear/Warzone/Commendation Changes [...]
Congratulations to finalist #2 and Force Junkie user Republican! This person will recieve a 60 Day Time Card for their ugliest character submission. Thank you to everyone who vote[...]
The finals are here at last as we are now ready to vote for the winner of the Ugliest Character Contest! We’ve been collecting entries for a month now and we got some really ugly [...]
1.0.2c Patch Notes – 1/6/2012 General Fixed an exploit that could allow players to receive more items than intended via in-game mail. Resolved an exploit when selling items. Flash[...]
Originally posted by AllisonBerryman ( Source2 ) Two new servers are now available: EU PvE (English) – Rogue Moon EU PvE (German) – Opila Crystal Two new servers are now available[...]
In today’s announcement about early game access , there was a change in the dates for next week’s launch. Early Game Access* for Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ is only a few days a[...]